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Hello, my name is
Mihir Trivedi

I'm a Junior majoring in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
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Julie Eichhorn
Co-Founder at Pantry2Home
"Mihir has been integral to the development of our platform at Pantry2Home.com. Our website connects food insecure individuals to food pantries for online ordering. Mihir worked to transform our wireframes into a functioning front and backend product that opperates efficiently for individuals in need and is a daily time saver for the food pantry. His organization, willingness to learn new programs and work as a team player are a true gift in today's job market. I can say without hesitation, without Mihir, our company would not be running. Julie Eichhorn co-founder Pantry2Home.com"
Laura Mendyk
Co-Founder at Pantry2Home
"Mihir is wise and professional beyond his years. He developed the platform for our company, Pantry2Home. We initially hired him to create a web page and after meeting with him realized that he was capable of building the entire platform. He is fluent in many scripts and open to learning new ones, which he did of his own accord to make our platform better. He is prepared and organized for all our meetings and has an incredible vision for what can be done to make it better. More importantly, he is able to verbalize complex coding and IT processes to my partner and I who have zero IT background. His grasp of the work and love of the process is energizing. I have hired many physicians in one of my previous roles. Interviewing is hard and finding the right person for the job is sometimes even harder. Mihir is that diamond in the rough. I would hire Mihir again in a heart beat and whomever does is a lucky person."


Software Engineer Intern
Singlewire Software
Full-Stack Developer (Part Time)


Remote Procedural Calls (link)

Radized: Radiology Digitized

NeoConvo: New Conversations

Flora Counselling Services (link)

Technical Skills

Leadership / Extracurricular