Mihir Trivedi
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My Interests

I like hardware and software engineering, hiking, aviation, and playing the guitar.


I've built many different projects incorporating the Arduino, from RFID based door locks to autonomous vehicles.


I've done a few projects with mobile applications, namely Cardboard for iOS and Codini. Carboard for iOS is a port of Google Cardboard for iPhones. Codini is a platform that helps users learn how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by providing live documentation.


I've built a few systems that incorporate IoT to control the lighting of my room via smartwatches such as the Pebble. In addition, I gave a presentation at CES about incorporating IoT and hardware engineering into modern computer science classrooms.

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NASA Ames Research Center

Meteorites and numbers.


Vehicle infrastructure in Shenzhen.

Consumer Electronics Show

The new engineering classroom.


The magical coding assistant.

Cardboard for iOS

Same material, new device.

Naval Postgraduate School

Energy security and education.


Decreasing ambulance response times.


Helping farmers manage plots efficiently.


Educational equality.

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